Friendship, may it last forever:

Monday, June, 26th, 2017

          We all start off as strangers, passing on the streets or in the hallway. Until the one day when you bump into that one person that will change your life forever. You share secrets with them, laughs, memories, and you think to yourself that you can’t live without them in your life. Sure, your probably thinking of some guy who will share a few good memories with and you hope that it will last forever. But no, I’m talking about the people who will be there for you even when that guy breaks your heart. Your best friends, the people you share so many laughs, memories, cries, and yes fights as well with. To fall in love with someone is one thing, but to actually love someone through all the bumps in the road is another. These people you call friends will grow closer to you than anyone. If you are reading this, and your thinking that your friendship is falling apart. If its a small group picking sides or if its that one friend you grew up with and you are fighting over something. I would like to tell you that things will get better. Sure, things might change but I believe friends come and they go, and they will change your life for the better. And if that person is truly your friend, they will do anything to continue being a friend. In all truth, friends fight, I just finished grade ten and my friends and I concurred some major hills throughout the year. But hear this, if you look at your situation, hear both sides, and ask yourself if its something your willing to continue risking the friendship by. In most cases you probably had a fight over something very stupid and wont remember in five years. So if your willing to put aside the things that tried to split you, see that your friendship is more important. And you continue to build the friendship every year, soon you will be calling them family. Just like how I call some of my best friends, the girls who have seen me on nights I don’t even remember, family. I met these girls around three years ago and it was the best decision to run into them in the hall. Cause we have gone through many fights, but the best part is the memories and the laughs I hold close to me. I focus on the times we would be down on the ground laughing till we couldn’t breathe, the nights we run to the park and get lost on our way home. I hope with all my might that we can share more throughout high school and even later in life when we are older. My advise is to focus on the good times and hold on to those, cause if you do, you won’t remember the fight you had years back.


This post is not only for my best friends, but for the people that have come in and out of my life. For if we split, I just wanted to say sorry, because I didn’t realize that friendship was more important then whatever we where fighting about. But for the people I have in my life, I wanted to say that you are one of the most important people in my life. And I hope we grow throughout the years to come. To the girls I have been friends with for three wonderful years cause I don’t say it enough, I truly do love how you have changed my life, how you have been there for me to bring me up for the better. And to friendship, thanks for turning these people that once where strangers that I passed by in the hallway, or street, and to hope that the friendship will last forever.



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