Spring Photo Shoot


These photos where taken on a gorgeous day, sure, it was a little windy. But I had so much fun with my sister. These photos where taken at a local park near where I live, here in Canada.

For the begging of spring, I decided to wear a pair of green pants, a navy tank top, a plaid shirt, and last but not least my white tree torn runners.

  • Green pants = American Eagle
  • Navy tank top = Aeropostal
  • Plaid button up = Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Tree torn runner = Mom’s old Shoes

For picture one, I decided to go and balance on a rock and the sun was hitting me just right for the shadow to cast on the brick wall behind me.

The second photo was me walking over towards my sister. She had my camera, and decided to take the chance of a pretty great photo.

I personally like the third and the fourth best, the third on was taken in a small patch of tall grass. And the fourth one was taken on this old bench in the park, I was sitting and decided to rest after our little walk.



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