A Trip Down Memory Lane:


September, 27th,2016:

Today was an amazing day, but although it was good it made me wish I could relive some memories. The photos that I chose all have different meanings to me, and all were taken on different places around the world. The sunset was a night I will never forget, my family and I where on the beach in San Diego. That day I laid in the sun reading my book, occasionally walking along the beach. This was the last day of our trip last Summer, not only did I read and go for walks with my family. That night was a night where I didn’t care what other people though about me. I was there living it the present, playing with my family, and watching the sunset that night. Although I saw people looking at me, I didn’t care. I was free, I was stress free. I feel like that when ever I’m on a trip with my family, I don’t let other people tell me how to look, act, or even pretend who I am.

This next picture is of this beautiful flower, and I believe that it represents beauty. Sure I took the photo thinking that, but I didn’t realize that it to have a story behind it. This picture was taken in Vancouver, this trip consisted of my mother, sister, and my mom’s parents. This trip has a long story to it, all I remember was that I was there with my mom and sister in the garden. I know I have an obsession with flower pictures, but this flower represents that trip, and all that happened in it.

Finally the tiger, this was taken on one of my trips to the states last year in the Summer. It shows a beautiful animal living in place where its trapped for eyes to gaze its face day after day. To think that this animal is trapped in a cage of man-made things, not living its life in the wild. This can symbolize many things, such as humans trapped in society, or what humans have done to destroy this animals way of life.

These are all trips I’ve taken in the past three years, although I may want to relive these memories I can’t. You just have to let all the bad things go in your life and focus on the good things, my dad once said “That we always have a choice to choose, if we are going to be positive or negative about your day”. So focus on the now, and forget about the bad things that happened to you five to six years ago it’s just not worth the stress and frustration. Because the past is in the past, and you can’t change it no matter what.

Just want to remind you, that you are beautiful and shouldn’t care what people say. Sure I know we all have flaws that we wish could change, but this is what we got and you have to live with it. So I want to say, stay beautiful but more important smile and be you! See you tomorrow! Have a great night!

Today’s quote: “Self-Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it” unknown






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